What the main Blockchain API does

The Blockchain API offers several functions across candy machines, wallet integrations, and NFT integrations.

  1. How to Get Started
  2. How the Credits Work
  3. How the Wrappers Work
  4. Wallet Integrations
  5. Solana NFTs
  6. Solana NFT Marketplaces
  7. Solana Candy Machine
  8. Miscellanous Solana Functions
  9. Third Party Endpoints
  10. What’s on the Roadmap

How to Get Started

You can get started at any time and for free. First, just create an account and an API key pair on the dashboard. Then, write the API call manually by following the documentation, or follow one of our handcrafted examples.

How the Credits Work

Each call costs a specific number of credits, depending on the function called. The amount of credits that each function costs is listed in the description of the respective function in the documentation.

For example, as shown below, the “Get NFT Metadata” function costs 0.25 Credits.

Blockchain API: An API that makes the blockchain easy-to-use

Each plan receives a specific number of credits every month. The $9/mo plan is able to use up to 10,000 reserved credits monthly, which means calling the “Get NFT Metadata” 40,000 times. The $499/mo plan can call the “Get NFT Metadata function” 40 million times per month, before incurring a metered usage charge.

How the Wrappers Work

We manually designed the Python wrapper to make it super intuitive. Both the JavaScript wrapper and the Python wrapper are well tested.

All other wrappers are automatically generated and are not well tested. We will provide support for them as much as we can, however, if you run into difficulties.

Wallet Integrations

We provide several functions for interacting with wallets.

  1. We enable you to easily create wallets by generating seed phrases and private keys, and then functions for determining the associated public key and public addresses, depending on the chain you select. We currently support Solana, NEAR, Avalanche, Ethereum, and Binance.
  2. We have several other functions for Solana wallets, including retrieving the balance, the token holdings, the wallet’s NFTs, and associated transaction signatures.
  3. We also make it very easy to transfer SOL, SPL tokens, and NFTs with our transfer function.

Solana NFTs

We provide several flexible integrations with NFTs on Solana, from minting NFTs, botting NFTs, analyzing NFT traders, and analyzing NFT metadata and ownership history.

  1. You can easily create an NFT from scratch with our NFT minting function.
  2. You can search NFTs, pull an NFT’s metadata, pull an NFT’s owner, and get the candy machine ID of the NFT.
  3. Analyze NFT trades by viewing all trades across all major marketplaces with our “Get Recent NFT Transactions” endpoint and pull analytics for any collection with our analytics endpoints.

Solana NFT Marketplaces

We offer an easy way to view the listing of an NFT, list an NFT, de-list an NFT, and purchase an NFT from Magic Eden, the major marketplace on Solana.

Solana Candy Machine

Solana’s candy machine is a smart contract that makes launching a collection very easy. It’s extremely popular, and the original version and variants of it are how nearly all collections on Solana have been and currently are launched.

We provide several integrations with this smart contract, such as:

  1. Creating a test candy machine. The purpose of this test candy machine is to test a bot, not to test a collection. We recommend using Metaplex’s CLI to create your candy machine.
  2. Monitor candy machine creations and modifications with our Search Candy Machines function and our List all Candy Machines function.
  3. Pull candy machine information by reading their metadata and pulling all of their NFTs.
  4. One of our most popular functions is Mint from Candy Machine. This allows anyone to easily bot a candy machine and be the first to mint a hyped NFT from a new Solana collection.

Miscellanous Solana Functions

We also provide several miscellanous but important functions for interacting with the Solana blockchain. These include pulling transaction information, pulling account information, determining if an account is NFT or if an account is a candy machine, and pulling SPL token information.

Third Party Endpoints

Our API is made feature-rich by the developers who contribute extremely useful functions to our API. Anyone can contribute, and we invite you to contribute.

Here are some of the most useful functions that have been added:

  1. Pull the NFTs from an ME candy machine
  2. Pull the NFTs of a collection that are listed
  3. Get the floor price of a collection
  4. Get NFTs listed by a wallet
  5. List all MagicEden candy machines
  6. Get the creator of a candy machine
  7. Get the collection info of an NFT
  8. Get the price of an SPL token

What’s on the Roadmap

We are working on developing a more clearly defined public roadmap. For now, know that our main goal is to improve the quality and experience of our products. We aim to make the best, most comprehensive API and payment experience out there.

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Accept payments in crypto

We have wanted to accept crypto payments for the API for quite some time.

The API Developer Program

NOTE: The API developer program has been temporarily discontinued. We hope to bring it back in the future.

Using Our Discord Holders' Bot

We offer a simple-to-use tool for creating NFT-gated access to in Discord channels in your Discord.