Our development platform makes blockchain development
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BlockchainAPI is a suite of tools that includes a feature-rich API and an easy-to-use system for accepting cryptocurrency payments.

We make coding with the Solana blockchain super damn easy.

Simple pricing across our platform

Our products have simple and easy-to-understand pricing.


It's free to accept payments with CryptoCheckout.

We do not take a processing fee.

On a $9 sale, Stripe takes $0.65 (>7%).

With CryptoCheckout, you receive the full $9.

Upgrading to the $29/mo plan or above allows you to customize the UI for CryptoCheckout.

Cashmere uses CryptoCheckout with a custom UI to process their crypto payments.

The BlockchainAPI

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API Credits & NFTs Tracked

250 / 10

Your price

$9 / mo90 / yr
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What you can do

  • Track NFTs

  • Create wallets

  • Unlimited support

  • Unlimited feature requests

Why use Blockchain API?

Direct blockchain integration is overkill for most developers. BlockchainAPI is easy to use and understand with no prior blockchain or Web3 training or prior experience.

Quick and Easy Integration
Simple to set up and integrate with any coding language. We provide SDK support for Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Swift, Kotlin, and others.
A Powerful API
Our API handles tens of thousands of requests per minute and has a 99.9% uptime. Our API is resilient and battle-tested.
Email Updates
Get traffic spike notifications so you don't have to deal with unwanted metered usage charges and are always in touch with your API usage.
NFT Integrations
We provide flexible integrations with NFTs on Solana, including creating an NFT, minting NFTs from candy machines, reading the NFTs' owner history, and analyzing collection statistics.
Wallet Infrastructure
We enable wallet creation on Solana, Near, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Binance. We have in-depth wallet functionality for the Solana blockchain, such as analyzing ownership and transferring assets.
Crypto Payments
Our CryptoCheckout product enables developers to easily accept one-time and recurring payments in crypto. We trust our product so much that we use it for our own company to accept recurring payments in crypto.
Privacy First
We are transparent with specifically the data record. We log the type requests you make specifically but never store sensitive information that you provide to us.
Tools You Need
We're consistently building tools to help developers and NFT collections use blockchains more effectively.

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