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Our Documentation is the best place for most answers. We put a lot of effort into making our docs detailed and up to date so you can quickly find answers to any question you might have.

Do you have a bug report? You can contact us directly or open an issue on our Github to make sure it has not been reported. Have a feature request? Contact us and/or explore the ideas on our forum to see what's been requested.

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Frequently asked questions

We support traditional methods such as credit cards and also crypto payments. See for more.

We have in place rate limits and warnings to make sure that if you go over your limit, it is intentional. Once you hit your limit, if you have metered billing turned on, then you will begin consuming credits at the metered rate, and will be charged for it at the end of the month. You can turn off metered billing at any time.

If you upgrade from one tier to the next, you are discounted by the prior tier's price. For example, upgrading from the $9/mo to the $29/mo plan costs only $20.

Click "Manage" on your subscription in the dashboard and then click "Cancel". We make it easy to cancel if you want to cancel.

The Blockchain API provides value in three ways: we make things easier, we save you time, and/or we save you money. We've figured out much of the complexity that comes with blockchain integrations and abstracted it into an API. In many cases, some of the functions simply would take too long to build on your own. In other cases, it's cheaper to use us than build it on your own. For example, when we index tons of NFT data, we make money when many people use those API functions, but not if only one person were to use the index.

In order to make the API user experience seamless, some functions require wallet authorization. In the future, we will expand the ways that we offer wallet authorization such that a seed phrase/private key is not required. For now, it is easiest for the user in many cases for us to handle everything, because some languages, such as Swift, simply don't have the infrastructure in place to be able to handle much complexity (e.g., no Web3.js analogue). Common dogma is to never give out your seed phrase. We agree. It's a matter of security, and anyone who has your seed phrase can irreversibly empty your wallet. When using an API endpoint that requires a seed phrase, we highly recommend that users use or create a wallet that they do not use as their primary wallet.

An endpoint is a path in the URL that maps to a function. We often use the word "endpoint" interchangably with "function" because making a request to a specific URL endpoint causes a specific function to be called. For example, calling "" will call the "Get NFT Metadata" function.

Any developer can submit a function to our API and start earning credits when it is called. When someone other than the core Blockchain API Team adds a function to our API, it is labeled as a Third Party Endpoint, because a third party added it.