The API Developer Program

NOTE: The API developer program has been temporarily discontinued. We hope to bring it back in the future.

There are several blockchains and thousands of contracts used daily. We cannot make the entire space easy-to-use alone. To achieve this, we developed a platform where anyone can submit a function to our API.

This functions as a “mini-API”, and we designed this to be fun for developers.

  1. This is easy
  2. Documentation and how to get started
  3. Background
  4. The mission
  5. Featured projects

This is easy

The Developer Program is designed to be easy.

Once you understand the basics of how it works, you just have to write the code and submit it as a binary! We’ll help you in any way we can. Just contact us.

Documentation and how to get started

Everything you need to get started can be found here.


Anyone can make their own API already. However, if you do and you intend to make money off of it, you’ll likely have to complete several steps that do not involve the core coding part you actually enjoy.

For us, these steps include: managing a cluster of servers, managing a database, accepting payments, analyzing usage, managing user authentication, setting up a business bank account, initially operating at a loss before making money, creating and managing documentation, marketing the API, and growing the community.

That’s a lot.

What if you could only focus on the coding part and still make money and preserve your IP?

That’s what the purpose of this is. You write the code, you compile it to a binary, and you upload it to our platform.

We automatically create the documentation, manage user authentication, manage the payments, scale your code, and give you statistics of API usage so you can adjust accordingly. People already paying for our platform immediately have access to your functions, and then you make money every time a paying user calls your function.

And we can’t see your code because it’s a binary file.

It’s free to be a part of this program and add your functions. You can’t lose money. You can only make money.

The mission

Enable developers to build a profitable API and focus exclusively on coding the fun stuff!

Our featured third-party APIs are available in the drop-down on our main documentation site.

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Accept payments in crypto

We have wanted to accept crypto payments for the API for quite some time.

Using Our Discord Holders' Bot

We offer a simple-to-use tool for creating NFT-gated access to in Discord channels in your Discord.

What the main Blockchain API does

The Blockchain API offers several functions across candy machines, wallet integrations, and NFT integrations.