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Our NFT launch

• Written by Josh Wolff

UPDATE: We minted out 10k less than 6 hours. Wow! Thank you everyone for believing in us!

We’re launching an NFT collection

BlockchainAPI.com is launching an NFT collection called, “The Founders”.

The collection is free to mint. The supply is 10,000. You are now able to mint at mint.blockchainapi.com.

Who are we?

We provide infrastructure for blockchain projects, starting with the blockchain Solana.

We were founded in October 2021. Since then, we have made a strong foothold in the Solana ecosystem, servicing many of the NFT projects you know and love.

Our mission is to make coding with blockchains easy and accessible for all. In doing so, we will accelerate the adoption and advancement of this freeing technology.

Why should I mint this?

Join Our Mission

By owning an NFT from our collection, you’re joining us on our journey.

A 10-year journey, on the road to IPO.

Our 10-year goal is to become the largest and most powerful blockchain infrastructure company in the space.

Beta-Testing Privileges

By owning an NFT, you will receive access to a special beta testing and a WIP page where you can interact with product developments and provide feedback.

CryptoCheckout Rewards

We recently launched CryptoCheckout and are in the process of on-boarding companies and projects in the Solana space, and then the Ethereum space.

CryptoCheckout is an easy way to accept payments in crypto.

With our NFT collection, we will recycle some portion of the royalties and convert them to USDC. This USDC will be stored in a reserve pool.

We will then create a token called CC1USDC (CryptoCheckout 1 USDC). Each CC1USDC will be redeemable for 1 USDC by approved projects that use CryptoCheckout. Featured projects will be able to accept CC1USDC as payment for their project, and then will be able to redeem it for USDC. Once redeemed, the CC1USDC will be burned.

CC1USDC will be airdropped to all or some NFT holders on a periodic basis. If the royalties are not sufficient to airdrop at least one CC1USDC to each NFT holder, then it will be airdropped holders who hold the most NFTs and who have held the longest.

Why not just airdrop USDC? Well, USDC could be used for anything, whereas CC1USDC will only be able to be used on our platform and only be able to be redeemed for USDC by approved addresses. The goal is both to reward holders and incentivize usage of our platform.

More to Come

There’s more to come, and there will be over the next ten years.

We’re building a real company here.

What does the collection represent?

The collection represents you, the founders of the blockchain ecosystem. The ones who are making all of this possible.

Each NFT has one unique Founder and a unique background.

Each background is a meaningful piece of code in crypto, an important paper or piece of research in crypto, or a historical event in crypto.

Here are a few examples. The code and backgrounds were collected off of GitHub and other sources.

What if this does not sell out?

UPDATE: We minted out 10k less than 6 hours. Wow! Thank you everyone for believing in us!

It will.

At current prices, it will cost around $3330 to mint the entire NFT collection.

If our mint does not sell out, we will finish the minting ourselves.

However, we are not rushing to finish the mint.

It’s OKAY if it takes a few months to finish. It’s a long-term play.

We will give the mint at least 3 months to completely finish, if it takes that long.

We expect the value provided by each NFT to exceed the transaction costs (about $0.33) to mint in the long-term. Notably, this is a low-bar and one we are confident we can surpass.

We’re OK with a long mint because we’re a long-term play.

Why should I not mint this?

We cannot guarantee you will profit off of our art. You might not, and that’s a risk you’re taking. If you’re not comfortable with that risk, then you should not mint our free collection. Each NFT will cost about 0.012 SOL in transaction fees, which is $0.33 at the time of this writing.

If you’re expecting hype and beautiful marketing, you have come to the wrong place. We’ll shoot for this, but it’s not our expertise.

If you’re aiming for a short-term gain, you have come to the wrong place.

We will not have magic for you overnight. Nor suddenly within one month. This is a long-term, ten-year play. If you’re not ready for that, then this is not the collection for you.

You are also not directly investing in the company. None of these NFTs represent a share or right to own a piece of the company.

These NFTs function as art and tickets, exclusively.

How is this different from any other NFT collection?

We are a company-first NFT collection, rather than a collection-first company.

Every difference you will see as our collection and community evolve is derived from that preceeding statement alone.


Everything listed above is subject to change.

The time for implementation may take longer than expected.

We may delay implementing aforementioned rewards at our sole discretion.

Our primary focus is the company; secondary is the NFT collection. We are not an NFT collection-first company (although in many ways that mindset is better for the collection holders).

Written by Josh Wolff

Hi! I'm Josh. I'm building a platform to make interacting with blockchains easy. The blog highlights how to use the API, feature developments, newletters, and other important information.