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How to input the attributes for a role condition group

• Written by Josh Wolff

A role condition group is a set of conditions that determine whether or not a person is elligible for a role in Discord.

When creating the condition group, you must specify to which NFTs the condition group applies. You might want to restrict based on the attributes of the NFT.

In this example, we have a role called, “Robot DAO.” This role is restricted to NFTs from our “The Founders” collection which have the attribute “ROBOT.”

Note the MagicEden viewing of this NFT below. See the attribute value is “ROBOT.”

When specifying the list of attributes, simply type the attribute value exactly as it is represented on the NFT. In this case, type in exactly, “ROBOT”. Then, click, ‘Create “Robot”’.

You’ll see that this adds this attribute value to a list, where you can later remove it if you’d like. You can now type in more attribute values if you’d like.

Written by Josh Wolff

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