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How to get an associated token account on Solana

• Written by Josh Wolff

Associated token accounts form the backbone of Solana and how we interact with on-chain contracts. Let’s explore them in this post.


Each wallet can correspond to ownership over many types of tokens, but in Solana each token is actually held by an associated token account (ATA). An ATA is an account specific for a token owned by the wallet. When you transfer an SPL token, such as Serum, or transfer an NFT, you’re transferring from an ATA you own to another person’s ATA for that specific token.

How To

To derive the endpoint, we will use the Blockchain API. Specifically, we will use the “Derive an associated token account address” endpoint. With this endpoint, you can derive an associated token address given a wallet and a token address.

Step 1: Get a free API key pair

First get a free API key pair here.

Step 2: Write and send the API request

We will use Python’s request library to format the request.

Let’s find the associated for Serum token.

Note that associated token accounts are specific for a given combination of seed phrase, derivation path, and passphrase. You can read more about this here.

import requests

TEST_PHRASE = "fire owner display success half rescue pledge oval foam gossip window once"
DERIVATION_PATH = "m/44/501/0/0"

SOLANA_WALLET_ATA_ENDPOINT = "https://api.theblockchainapi.com/v1/solana/wallet/associated_token_account"

response = requests.post(
        "secret_recovery_phrase": TEST_PHRASE,
        "derivation_path": DERIVATION_PATH,
        "token_address": SERUM_TOKEN_ADDRESS,
        "network": "mainnet-beta"
        "APISecretKey": "YOUR API SECRET KEY",
        "APIKeyId": "YOUR KEY ID"


The output will look something like this:

    'associated_token_address': 'CYbSDBihm9k2M45G8sfEkWta2ifCf1WgbPsiVcbjSNN9'

Any issues or feature requests? Contact us or email us at info [[at]] theblockchainapi.com.

[Optional] Step 3: Use the Blockchain API’s Python wrapper instead

You can also use our Python PyPi package.

pip install theblockchainapi

Now set up the resource using your key pair.

from theblockchainapi import TheBlockchainAPIResource, SolanaNetwork


Now, write the API call.


TEST_PHRASE = "fire owner display success half rescue pledge oval foam gossip window once"
DERIVATION_PATH = "m/44/501/0/0"

associated_token_address = BLOCKCHAIN_API_RESOURCE.derive_associated_token_account_address(


The output will look something like this:

Written by Josh Wolff

Hi! I'm Josh. I'm building a platform to make interacting with blockchains easy. The blog highlights how to use the API, feature developments, newletters, and other important information.