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How to create an NFT on Solana

• Written by Josh Wolff

Creating an NFT on Solana is really easy with our API. Let’s walk through it here.

How to create an NFT on Solana

Creating an NFT on Solana can be difficult because the infrastructure for doing so is so new. Here, I’ll explain how to do it with The Blockchain API, which is an API that simplifies many functions you may wish to perform on Solana. If you have a feature request, consider creating a request on our GitHub repository.

In this tutorial, we will use Python, but we won’t use any special Python libraries, so you can use any language.

First, get an API key pair. Create one here.


  1. To create an NFT, we need a wallet. This consists of a mnemonic phrase and a public key.
  2. To get a mnemonic phrase, see this endpoint here.
  3. Once we have a mnemonic phrase, we will use the CLI derivation path and the default passphrase. (For a quick tutorial on how derivation paths work on Solana, see here.)
  4. To create an NFT, you also need a balance in your account. To get a fee estimate for minting the NFT, see this endpoint. If the fee is greater than your balance, then consider using devnet for now to test. Once you are ready, you can use the mainnet and transfer real SOL to your wallet.
  5. With the devnet, we can get simulated SOL for free. To airdrop some SOL to your account to enable testing, first see this tutorial on airdropping SOL to your devnet account.
  6. Now that you have a wallet and enough to pay the fee, check over the documentation on how to create an NFT using the API.
  7. Note that we only need to provide our mnemonic phrase, but there are other things we can provide, such as a URI for the NFT’s data and the name of the NFT. Collect this data.

Mint the NFT

We will use the Blockchain API’s endpoint for creating an NFT.

Once we have the prerequisites set up, minting the NFT consists of a single API call.

import requests

    "APISecretKey": API_SECRET_KEY
    "secret_recovery_phrase": MNEMONIC_PHRASE,
    "derivation_path": "",
    "network": "devnet",
    "nft_name": "Rare Rare Punk Pig #001",
    "nft_symbol": "PUNKPIG",
    "nft_url": "https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/724046973276278784/8fvrG3zo_400x400.jpg",
    "nft_upload_method": "LINK"
response = requests.post(

The API call takes about 60 seconds to complete, after which you will get back the NFT mint info!

You can check it out on the Solana explorer by going to explorer/solana.com/address/{mint_address}?cluster=devnet, where in our case the mint address is AH9PQLt4ksW4FhoCSGzjcwPjzpnhUbhZEwFrdDYyMjA. Make sure to select the devnet network when viewing it on the block explorer.

If you have any questions, please email us at info [[at]] theblockchainapi.com or open a GitHub issue.

If you want to learn more about NFTs in general, this article provides a great overview.

Written by Josh Wolff

Hi! I'm Josh. I'm building a platform to make interacting with blockchains easy. The blog highlights how to use the API, feature developments, newletters, and other important information.